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Serve Every Client With Confidence

The Stylist Cheat Sheet was designed with the beauty professional in mind! Whether you’re a stylist or a salon owner, this convenient visual tool helps ensure you’re ready to take on any client who walks through the door. 

  • Great for newer stylists: Still learning the ropes? Keep the Stylist Cheat Sheet at your station as a quick reference for those trickier services or treatments.

  • And seasoned stylists, too: If a client requests a service you don’t perform often—or you’re returning to the beauty industry after a long hiatus—the Stylist Cheat Sheet is a fantastic skills refresher.

  • Made for the salon: Our strikingly designed chart can be hung on the wall or stored at individual styling stations. It’s sealed in high-quality laminate to safeguard it against perm solution, hair color, and more.

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