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Ready to make your mark in one of today’s hottest industries? The Stylist Cheat Sheets enhances your training and helps you quickly master the skills you need to succeed.

  • Learn Better And Faster: Packed with practical tips, step-by-step instructions, and clear diagrams, the Stylist Cheat Sheets simplifies complex concepts and visually reinforces what you learn in the classroom.

  • Minimize Stress And Pressure: Forget how to perform a certain hairstyle or skin treatment? Don’t fret—just grab the Stylist Cheat Sheet! Our chart is expertly designed, so it’s easy to find the answers you need and get back on track.

  • Ace Your Licensing Exam: Taking your state licensing exam is a nerve-wracking experience. But with the Stylist Cheat Sheet as your study guide, you’ll walk into that exam room confident, relaxed, and ready to pass with flying colors.

Students Fast-Track Your Cosmetology Training

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