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Our Story

Founded by Paul and Beth Ciola, Ciao Bella Cosmetology has been at the forefront of the ever-changing beauty industry for over 20 years. Our cosmetology products and services are designed to help stylists, salon owners, students, and educators save time, master their craft, and serve their clients even better.

Beth is a dual-licensed esthetician and cosmetologist whose passion for hair and nails dates back to her childhood. After graduating from Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School, she went on to build a thriving beauty career that included working behind the scenes in theater and opera productions, managing a salon, and serving as the head of Ciao Bella’s design team.


Beth was an educator for Paul Mitchell Schools and has trained countless stylists on hair color and keratin product lines. Her professional journey has taken her from student to stylist to teacher, giving her a uniquely well-rounded perspective of the industry:


“As a student, I remember what it felt like to be on the floor with a client in my chair, waiting forever for the teacher to come by and guide me on the next steps. As a stylist, I recall the nervousness I felt after a client asked for a service I wasn’t experienced in performing. I would research the procedures in the back room and wait anxiously for other stylists to help me.


Then, as a teacher, I felt the pressure of trying to simultaneously help multiple students with their clients. I was running back and forth consulting, formulating, and teaching all at the same time. Talk about stressful!”

One day, Beth was poring through the bulky binder of cosmetology information she had collected over many years. Suddenly, inspiration struck: what if she created a “cheat sheet” of sorts, a quick-reference guide for popular salon services in an easy-to-use format? At last, stylists would have the information they need most in one accessible place—and everyone could have their own copy. And so, our original product (the Cosmetology Chart) was born.

Looking Ahead...

Today, Ciao Bella Cosmetology remains at the top of its field, always advancing and keeping up with ever-changing styles, attitudes, and beauty trends. Our company recently expanded its offerings into the educational and consulting realms. When developing our products and services, we draw from the feedback of real cosmetology professionals, educators, and students in order to bring meaningful value to the industry.

We are excited to bring you many more cosmetology product innovations in the months and years to come. Ciao Bella!

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