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Introducing the Eyelash Extension Poster 


 The Visual Eye Lash Extension Tool is  your ultimate quick reference poster for flawless lash applications! Whether you're a professional lash specialist or a beauty enthusiast, this poster is designed to streamline your eyelash extension process and enhance your skills. This Lash Extensions Poster provides a compact yet comprehensive visual aid to help you navigate through various lash application techniques with ease. Featuring a range of essential lash information, including isolation, density, curls, and lengths, this poster offers an organized and easily accessible resource at your fingertips. By utilizing this visual poster, you'll gain a deeper understanding of lash extensions, enabling you to choose the right curl, length, and density for each client. The clear illustrations and detailed descriptions will help you master the art of lash isolation, ensuring precise application and a natural-looking result every time. The Eye Lash Extension Poster is high gloss laminated 18" X 27" Inch. 

Eyelash Extension High Gloss Laminated Poster 18" X 27" Inch

$49.95 Regular Price
$39.95Sale Price
  • Eyelash Extension High Gloss Laminated Poster 18" X 27" Inch.

  • Our Stylist Cheat Sheets Are Back By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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