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Are you an aspiring or novice beauty professional looking to quickly build your skills or are you a cosmetology educator in search of new teaching tools?


Then the Stylist Cheat Sheet was created just for you. This unique visual learning aid provides the “how-to” for today’s most popular salon services, treatments, and procedures. You’ll find hundreds of pages of industry training for nail techs, estheticians, and hair stylists condensed down in to a foldable, laminated chart.


There’s nothing else like it on the market for students, stylists, and educators! The Stylist Cheat Sheet offers an array of benefits for students, professional stylists, and industry educators.

Enhances Learning and Retention: With step-by-step instructions and vibrant illustrations,the Stylist Cheat Sheet reinforces key concepts, skills, and techniques learned in the class- room. It’s also packed full of valuable hints, tricks, and tips to help stylists build professional-level skills sooner.

Reduces Stress: If you’re being supervised in clinic or servicing a real client for the first time, the pressure can be intense. The Stylist Cheat Sheet provides a safety net when you’re in a pinch, allowing you to quickly reference proper techniques for a variety of services. It’s incredibly handy, whether you’re a cosmetology student or a seasoned pro!

Licensing Exam Prep: Since the Stylist Cheat Sheet includes all the need-to-know basics of professional hair, skin, and nail care, it’s an excellent study guide for school or state licensing exams. Save hours of study time and ace that test! With Stylist Cheat Sheet students will have the information they need on hand—so you can cover more topics in less time.


Soft 'N Style Color Wheel:


Helps you to understand the basic rules of color and how they apply to hair. Also includes problems and suggestions for hair coloring. Color wheel helps you to understand the basic rules of color and how they apply to the hair. Also includes problems and suggestions for coloring hair.

The Stylist Cheat Sheet is 6 panels, 3 pages, and folds to 8.5” x 11”. Compact and eye-catching, it can be carried in backpacks, kept at stylist stations, or even hung on the wall.  You also get the Soft 'N Style Hair Color Wheel. 

Cosmetology Stylists Cheat Sheet 6-Pages Laminated With Hair Color Wheel

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
    • Quick Reference: Cheat Sheet For Hair Stylists, Students & Educators, Its Spill-Proof & Tear Proof 6-Pages


    • Enhances Learning & Retention: With Step-By-Step Instructions & Vibrant Illustrations.


    • Efficient Licensing Exam Prep: The Cosmetology Chart Includes All The Need-To-Know Basics Of Professional Hair, Skin & Nail Care.
  • Our Stylist Cheat Sheets Are Back By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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